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Conveying the Message


After publishing my book, THE PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF CHRISTIANITY: How to have God's Brain in your head, I dedicated myself to bringing God's message of love and hope to conferences around the world. Whether as a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, I help break through the boundaries that are limiting our human existence and potential, to bring the message of God's freedom and purpose for our lives. Let me help you move from a stagnant life, to a REAL LIFE in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

The Secret of the Mysteries


God's answers to the troubles and tribulations in this world are delivered through His Prophetic Word, as the Father discloses the Secret Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. I carry God's Message of True Repentance, and convey God's Truth about life's issues and current events. God's Prophetic Word for His people will reveal His eternal answers for your life.

Workshops and Keynotes


As a licensed private therapist and public speaker, I design and present workshops, seminars and lectures, along with private counselling and mentoring.  Contact me, and together we can design a presentation to fit your needs.  

A.H. Cancade




   The REAL LIFE Series delivers the powerful message of love and hope, from God our Father, through Jesus Christ. This series of lectures/seminars will deliver and heal you, with the true message of God’s purpose for your REAL LIFE. These seminars present essential life lessons that ease you into Spiritual Principles, then delve deeply into Spiritual Practices. They reveal God’s REAL purpose and plan for mankind, through the REAL LIFE of His Son Jesus Christ.

Through the REAL Connection


 I developed the REAL LIFE series, beginning with 5 seminars, that take you through REAL LIFE issues, in a simple way. The seminars help you understand God's REAL purpose for your life with topics; 

1. The Secret to Contentment

2. The Truth about Relationships

3. The Promise of Forgiveness

4. Why Christians should think like Jews

5. The 5 Life Essentials

These are stand-alone seminars, but ideally, each lecture builds from one topic to the next, exploring the core of life's problems, and how to Spiritually transcend and transform your life.

With the Practical Application


   This brilliant and awe-inspiring book is also now in workshop form. This 5 part workshop reveals how to have God’s Spirit/Brain operating from within us. It teaches how to have Real Spiritual Power in practical ways, as outlined from scriptures in the Holy Bible. It shows how God’s true message of Repentance removes our carnal, fleshly mind, and allows us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Prophetic revelations reveal how God will deliver His people from our fallen state, and enable us to have God's Mind and Spirit fully operating through us, to be partakers of God’s Divine Nature. 


Public Speaker


  A.H. Cancade leads women's retreats and bible studies, and has presented workshops on such topics as; The REAL LIFE Series, The Body of Christ, Sin & Confession, Understanding Ancient Hebrew, Forgiveness, Spiritual Warfare, Making God First in Your Life, and The Holy Spirit.



   She has been in private practice for over 25 years, offering in-depth therapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups; counselling in addictions, codependency, mental health, family, marriage and life. She is a Member of the Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Service Workers. (OCSWSSW)



  She is a part-time Corporate Trainer and Public Speaker for an Employee Assistance Firm; presenting seminars on a variety of practical, moral, and ethical issues in the workplace. She has worked with First Nations People, the Department of National Defense, and as a Pastoral keynote speaker.

What people are saying about the ‘REAL LIFE’ Series

“The teaching was deep and incredible and yet so simple. The seminars take you to a deeper level than you’ve ever been before. Wow! Amazing and Eye Opening!!” - Jean A.

“The speaker showed me life from a completely different perspective. It will alter your thinking. Finally!! REAL tools for REAL life and REAL freedom!! THANK YOU!!!”- Ken C.


“She takes you to a higher spiritual plane. This teaching will transcend you to a higher place and transform you spiritually. Wow! These revelations will blow your mind!” - Lee H.

“The REAL-LIFE seminars are incredible! I never thought it was possible to hear this message, but I knew I was searching for this truth my entire life, and here it is. I am so thankful”- Heath S.

“The teaching forces you to think more deeply than you ever have before. It stopped me dead in my tracks. It is awesome and radical! It will transform your mind!” - Joey P.

“The lectures give truthful, concrete explanations, along with answers to issues that affect all of our lives. They teach that there is a different, much better way to live, that's available to everyone.” - Jennifer W.

“The lectures present the bare truth that gets to the core of life’s problems. If you put these concepts into practice, they will bring you freedom. Each lecture builds on the last and gets progressively deeper. I have gone to these lectures more than once, and I got something new every time, because they give life and power.”- Mary M.

“This series is for truth seekers; guaranteed you won’t find this anywhere else. Everyone needs to hear this, because it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before. It will turn you inside-out and upside-down.” - Robert J.

“For years I searched for answers in life, but I had given up hope. Then, I attended these seminars and my whole life changed. I received answers to all my questions, even the ones I forgot I had. The message is real, and everyone needs to know and attend these seminars. Thank you.” - Nini K.


Recent Events

THURS. 11, FRI. 12, APRIL 2019

The REAL LIFE Series in the UK

7:30pm - 10:30pm

Fitzwilliams Centre, Windsor End, Beaconsfield HP9 2JW

Event Details

THURS. 11, FRI. 12, APRIL 2019

The REAL LIFE Series in the UK

The Secret to Contentment  

   The 3 issues of Life

   The 5 Steps of Defeat

   The 1 Obstacle to Freedom

   The 3 Steps to Contentment 

The Truth about Relationships  

  How humans operate

  How humans operate in Relationships

  How to have Freedom in Relationships

  How to have REAL Relationships

7:30pm - 10:30pm

Fitzwilliams Centre, Windsor End, Beaconsfield HP9 2JW

SAT. 13, APRIL 2019

The REAL LIFE Series in the UK

7:30pm - 10:30pm

18 Emineo, Station Rd. Beaconsfield HP9 1AU

Event Details

SAT. 13, APRIL 2019

The REAL LIFE Series in the UK

The Promise of Forgiveness  

  What is the REAL meaning of Forgiveness?

  Why do we need Forgiveness?

  How do we get Forgiveness?

  How do we give Forgiveness?

7:30pm - 10:30pm

18 Emineo, Station Rd. Beaconsfield HP9 1AU


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